Imagine being surrounded by an ever-changing environment without stepping foot outside.

We have created ‘living, breathing’ themes that transform and develop throughout the event.

Using moving projections, intelligent lighting, interactive characters and superior props, we have revolutionized theme production in a form that can be easily set up in any of our destinations

With two distinctive types of theming, we have options to suit all tastes.

Progressive Theming

Our progressive themes focus on moving projections and intelligent lighting to ‘bring the outside inside’ showcasing subtle but stunning transformations.

Throughout the course of the event, guests will be surrounded by an ever-changing environment where seasons change and day turns into night. This theme is perfectly realized in our ‘Winter to Spring’ and ‘Pacific Nights’ themes.

Interactive Theming

Interactive themes are visually stunning and focus on the use of interactive characters, superior props and entertainment.

With this style of theming guests will be drawn into a magical world of our creation where larger than life characters are in abundance. This style of theming is best suited to our Fire and Ice and Winter Wonderland themes.

With our fresh and unique vision we have created sophisticated and professional themes that provide the ultimate wow factor to any event.